Teacher Sacked For Pupil’s Brutal Beating

This is the brutal moment when pupils turn the tables on a violent teacher as they secretly film him flogging a teenage pupil mercilessly.

Cruel Smagulov Serik Ermekuly, 55, was recorded by another pupil after hauling the boy out in front of the class in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan.

The footage shows Ermekuly bending the boy over a desk before hitting his backside five times with what looks like a sawn-off paddle.

As a parting shot, the teacher clips him around the ear with his hand as he walks away.

As Ermekuly finishes the thrashing, the boy is seen collapsing onto his elbows from the pain.

But when the 29th September clip later emerged on social media, parents turned on Pavlodar Assembly College and demanded the teacher’s sacking.

Ministry of Education officials later strongly condemned the teacher, calling his methods “unacceptable.”

A spokesperson said: “Educational institutions should be places of safe and trusting learning for children.

“The right to education and the safety of children must be the highest priority in any society. This behaviour of the teacher contradicts all specified norms.”

Ermekuly has since been sacked and is facing a police investigation into child abuse and assault.

Parents told local media that they had complained about Ermekuly’s brutal methods before, but the school did nothing.

Now, say local reports, the school head may also face charges for failing to report the beating, say Pavlodar Regional Police.

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