┬áTeacher Sacked For Pupil’s Brutal Beating

This is the brutal moment when pupils turn the tables on a violent teacher as they secretly film him flogging a teenage pupil mercilessly. https://filedn.eu/lhVNGNsizwl5t7THnzzJ2c8/CEN-TeacherBeatStick-01.mp4 Cruel Smagulov Serik Ermekuly, 55, was recorded by another pupil after hauling the boy out in front of the class in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan. The footage…

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Picture shows schoolgirl Lera A., undated. Senior schoolboy Grisha Z., 17, attacked her with a knife trying to cut her throat during graduation ceremony at school in Ilovlya, Volgograd Oblast, Russia on Tuesday, May 23, 2023. (CEN)

Pupil Who Tried To Cut Girl’s Throat On Stage Sent For ‘Treatment’

An 18-year-old schoolboy fan of the Netflix Addams Family show who tried to cut his classmate's throat at their school leaving ceremony is to be locked up in a psychiatric hospital instead of being sent to jail. https://filedn.eu/lhVNGNsizwl5t7THnzzJ2c8/CEN-SchoolboyAttacked-01.mp4 Horror footage shows Lera A. screaming as Grisha Z., then 17, grabs…