Police Stop Kindergarten Teacher With 25 Kids In Her Car

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This is the astonishing moment a kindergarten teacher is stopped by police as she drives 25 children home from school crammed into her tiny car.

Officers in Bukhara, Uzbekistan, could barely believe their eyes when they pulled over the Chevrolet Spark and found it bursting at the seams with under fives.

Video footage shot by police on 16th September shows six children sitting on top of each other in the front passenger seat.

And as police empty the four-seater car, one child emerges from the passenger footwell.

The car’s tiny boot had three pupils stuffed into it, and the rest of the children had been crammed on the backseat.

As officers open the car doors to get them out, some pupils begin sobbing as they struggle out onto the pavement.

Footage shows car Chevrolet Spark full of little kids on the road in Bukhara, Uzbekistan, undated. Traffic police detained a woman who drove 25 kids inside the car. (@YHXXUZ/Newsflash)

Later, police said, all the pupils were handed over to their parents.

The driver, not named in local media, told police she had never made the terrifyingly packed school run before.

Traffic Police from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan said in a statement obtained by Newsflash: “The violation of the driver, who took 25 little children in her car, was discussed at a public council with the participation of the general public.”

They said a punishment had been agreed, but its exact nature was not disclosed.

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