Miracle Escape As Falling Excavator And Lorry Crane Fell On Car With Pregnant Woman

This is the moment a pregnant woman escapes unharmed after a massive crane lorry lifting an excavator toppled onto her vehicle.

The incident involving the bungling construction workers happened on a motorway on the outskirts of the Russian city of Cheboksary which is the capital of Chuvashia, and a port on the Volga River.

The video shows the blue Skoda Octavia containing the pregnant woman stopped alongside the lorry as the driver uses a mechanical crane attached to the vehicle to lift a huge excavator.

She had been unable to go forward as the road was blocked ahead, and was waiting for it to clear so that she could continue her journey.

But as the crane arm swings out over the road, the lorry starts to topple, and the panicked man on the lorry leaps for his life as the excavator crashes onto the road, and then the huge arm smashes the woman’s vehicle.

An excavator overturns crashing a vehicle in Cheboksary, Russia, undated. A pregnant woman inside the crashed vehicle survived the incident. (CEN)

For a brief second, she saw the excavator land in front of her and started to move backwards but too late to avoid the crane.

Builders can be seen running over peering inside the car to see if the occupants are okay, and the pregnant woman was later pulled to safety from the wreckage.

She was taken to hospital for a checkup but was later released after being given a clean bill of health.

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