Moment Russian Woman Jumps Out Of Bus Onto Road After Missing Stop

This is the moment a Russian woman jumps out of a bus window and lands flat on her bum after the driver failed to let her off between stops.

In the video footage, the woman, whose name has not been disclosed, can be seen arguing and insulting other passengers as she gives them the finger on Penza bus No. 82, which was reportedly travelling along route Number 82c in the city of Penza in Western Russia.

The woman had asked the driver to stop at a location other than the designated bus stop, according to local media.

But the driver declined, and other passengers supported him, explaining that he could not drop passengers off unless it was an official stop where it was safe.

Woman argues with passengers in the bus number 82c in Penza, Russia, undated. She exited the moving bus, fell on the asphalt and left crossing the roadway. (CEN)

Despite warnings from fellow passengers that she could be hit by a car, the woman did not listen.

She can be seen pulling herself up on the handrails, climbing out of the window, and jumping down onto the busy road.

Upon landing, she immediately stood up and crossed the road, causing other vehicles to stop for her.

As of the time of writing, no penalties against the woman had been reported.

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