Furious Missus Scoops Husband Onto Bonnet And Slams Him Into Back Of Car

This is the moment a furious wife flips her husband onto the bonnet of their car and slams him into the back of another vehicle as he begs her not to leave him.

Local media report that the wife had stormed out of the family home in Mezhdurechensk, Russia, after a heated row.

Terrifying phone and CCTV footage show the husband as he throws himself on the front of the car to stop her from driving away on 21st August.

But without hesitation, she hits the throttle, leaving him clinging to the bonnet for dear life as she speeds down the road.

A witness filming the drama can be heard saying: “He’ll be smashed like porridge!”

Moments later, the chilling prediction comes true when CCTV footage picks up the car as it slams into the back of another vehicle stopped at traffic lights.

Woman drives a car with her husband on the hood in Mezhdurechensk, Kemerovo Oblast, Russia on Monday, Aug. 21, 2023. She crashed into another car and her husband was taken to intensive care. (CEN)

The husband – still clinging to the bonnet – is sent flying through the air onto the road, where he lies writhing in pain as passersby rush over to help.

Meanwhile, the couple’s car comes to a stop when it hits a kerb, with smoke rising from its crumpled bonnet.

Paramedics rushed the man to hospital, where he is being treated in an intensive care unit. His current condition is unclear.

His wife is being quizzed by police, report local media.

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