Sick Russian Mum Forced Teen Daughter To Film Her During Love Romp

A sick Russian mother has been arrested for repeatedly forcing her 15-year-old daughter to film her having rough sex with her lover.

Photo shows Anastasia S., 37, undated. She allegedly forced her daughter to film them while she and her partner have sex. (Newsflash)

Suspect Anastasia S., 37 allegedly forced her daughter to film her and her lover Artavazd P., 45, having violent intercourse in Yakhroma, a town in Moscow oblast just outside the capital.

Russian law enforcement told local media that the mother forced her then 15-year-old daughter, who is now 16 and who has not been named, to film her and her lover having sex on a number of occasions.

The authorities began investigating after the mother inadvertently let slip what she had made her daughter do and acquaintances alerted the police, according to local media.

It was reportedly her creepy lover Artavazd P. who convinced Anastasia to force the young girl to take part in their “process”.

But Anastasia contests this, arguing: “I came up with everything myself. I wanted to have such a beautiful video for my archives.”

Photo shows Artavazd P., 45, undated. His partner, Anastasia S., allegedly forced her daughter to film them while he and his partner have sex. (Newsflash)

The authorities are investigating if the sex tapes were for personal use or whether they were to be distributed online, which could trigger further charges.

The couple face between seven and 15 years in prison each.

Local media reported that both defendants are currently under house arrest.

The investigation is ongoing.

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