Russian Rapper Who Wanted Virgin Wife Falls In Love With OnlyFans Model Instead

A controversial Russian rapper who told pals he would end up marrying a virgin and starting a family has admitted falling in love with a baby-faced OnlyFans model instead.

Elizaveta Vasilenko, 25, kisses her boyfriend Russian rapper Alisher Morgenshtern, undated. She is Ukrainian actress, OnlyFans model, video blogger and TikToker. (@elizabethvasilenko/Newsflash)

Morgenshtern, whose full name is Alisher Tagirovich Morgenshtern, is a rapper, record producer and songwriter who became famous for his YouTube channel “#EasyRap” and has millions of followers. On his Instagram account alone has 7.3 million followers.

But now the 25-year-old star has admitted falling in love with OnlyFans model Elisaveta Vasilenko, also 25, who has already amassed a small fortune from selling naked pictures on the adult content site.

She grew up in Kyiv with her single mother after her parents divorced, and said she was bullied at school and suffered from anorexia.

Her psychologist mother helped her with confidence and she later became an enthusiastic cosplayer, who moved onto a modelling career that started in 2014.

Elisaveta then moved into acting before finally discovering that she could make large amounts of money on OnlyFans which eventually became nude pictures.

Since becoming a pair with her rapper boyfriend, she has given up working on OnlyFans and says it is now in her past, admitting that she even gets embarrassed now looking at some of her early content.

But that is not appropriate now when she wants to build a family with the rapper, who said that he had envisioned a different life partner.

Picture shows Elizaveta Vasilenko, 25, Ukrainian actress, OnlyFans model, video blogger and TikToker, undated. She dates Russian rapper Alisher Morgenshtern. (@elizabethvasilenko/Newsflash)

The couple have been together for seven months and she added: “At the moment I no longer maintain an account. I stopped it about three months ago, since Alisher and I moved in together.

“I no longer need to think about where to live. I had no money back then, so I started a page to help my parents. Now I don’t need it.

“Alisher supported me very much, he said that it did not bother him at all. Of course, it all bothered me, and now we have reached the point where I no longer need the pages’ income.”

It also had the advantage that her page was the first time he saw her.

He said: “I used to argue with the other lads to say that the woman I would eventually settle down with would be a virgin, and she would stay at home and be my wife, but you can’t control your heart with your mind.”

He added that her influence helped him to stop drinking, and they recently celebrated her 25th birthday in Turkey and more recently came back from holiday in Paris.

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