Moment Customer Gulps Down Expensive Perfume

This is the hilarious moment a shopper coolly walks off after chugging back on an expensive perfume from a free sample bottle in a store.

CCTV footage shows how the black-haired stout woman is being handed a flacon by the young shop assistant at the counter of a perfume and cosmetics store at the TK Forum mall in Saratov, a city in Saratov Oblast, southwestern Russia.

But instead of smelling the exquisite eau de toilette, the customer removes its lid and drinks from it. As the flabbergasted staffer takes the perfume away from her, the woman is smirking.

The client wipes her mouth and even licks her lips before walking away.

The customer was not identified by local media covering the incident on 26th August.

Woman tests perfumes in a store and suddenly drinks of on them in shopping center in Saratov, Russia, undated. Perfume consultant looked at leaving smiling woman with shock. (Newsflash)

Neither store managers nor shopping centre officials issued a statement.

Netizens, however, were amazed.

‘User-jj4hl1xr4c’ said: “Old school!”

Another user – ‘ZvuckTVZvon42’ – commented: “Cashier’s face at this moment.”

And ‘Almendramenta7257’ added: “The poor girl is shocked. She ran into a professional alcoholic with experience.”

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