Woman Tries Out Sex Toy At Store Counter

This is the bizarre moment a woman tries out a sex toy at a shop counter after cracking open a package in front of bemused customers and staff.

CCTV video footage from the counter in Russia shows the woman with the opened box as she and her male companion insert some batteries.

Then, after bending down to listen to check the motor is working, she holds the vacuum-action kinky gadget up to her face to check it is working.

Then without waiting, she lifts up her coat and bends down to thrust the sex toy up into her crotch for a test drive.

Woman checks a sex toy from sex shop just at the post office near post manager in Russia, undated. It was allegedly vacuum stimulator she tried first on her face and later under her jacket. (CEN)

Apparently satisfied, she removes it as a female customer comes up to the counter and shoots her a baffled look.

The footage emerged on Russian social media which says the footage was shot at a Wilberries collection point. Wildberries is the country’s largest Amazon-style online retailer.

Wildberries has more than 48,000 employees with 37,000 brands of clothing, shoes, cosmetics, household products and more, and although they boast of processing 750,000 orders a day, online commentators joked that this was probably a first, and wondered what the company policy was on used sex toys.

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