Luckless Walker Copies Telly Dawn

This is the moment a walker copies one of the most hilarious moments in telly history when she disappears down a water-filled hole she mistook for a puddle.

In a scene right out of Dawn French’s ‘Vicar of Dibley’ CCTV footage shows the woman crossing a rain-lashed road in Bryansk, Russia.

But as she steps into what she thinks is a puddle she disappears up to her head in water as she steps into a giant hole left behind by road workers.

As she bobs up to the surface – still clutching her umbrella – the woman struggles out of the hole and is seen soaked to the skin walking away.

The scene was straight out of Dawn French’s TV comedy where her character jumps into a puddle only to disappear over her head in flood water.

A woman fell into a hole filled with rainwater while crossing the street in Bryansk, Russia, undated. The hole was reportedly formed during a roadwork. (Newsflash)

Critics regularly vote the clip one of the top ten funniest scenes ever screened on British TV.

In real life, local media in Russian media were struggling to see the funny side.

Some reported that the workers had done a poor job warning pedestrians of the excavation right by a crossing.

A roadworks sign was almost invisible in the rain and tape that was supposed to fence off the hole had been blown away.

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