Tens Of Thousands Of Sex-Mad Giant Moths Invade Villages

This is the creepy-crawly moment when tens of thousands of sex-mad giant moths invade villages around southern Russia.

Like scenes from a horror movie, carpets of the fluttering invaders can be seen clinging to trees and telephone poles as far as the eye can see.

And at night, the clouds of moths swarming around street lights look like a Siberian blizzard.

The streets are so clogged with the bugs that drivers have been warned they could skid if they try to brake while they are driving over them.

Experts believe they are drawn to the rich agricultural region to breed so their caterpillars will have a guaranteed food supply when they hatch.

Residents in Russia’s Altai Republic have been horrified by the nightmarish invasion of love bugs, first spotted in Inegen village.

While the individual moths are harmless, their sheer numbers have made them a hazard.

And – warn local media – their caterpillars will wreak havoc on crops, which the highly agricultural region depends on.

Footage shows a swarm of thousands of moths invading Russian villages in Altai Republic in August, 2023. Hordes of insects cover the ground, houses and roads. (CEN)

Experts say the wingspan of the moths spotted in the southern Siberian region can reach an amazing nine centimetres (3.5 inches).

They add that the insects are typically active during evenings. However, in cloudy weather, they can also be spotted in the daytime.

Netizen Larisa Kravchenko wrote on social media: “Childhood memories. In the summer, the posts were covered by them every year.”

Nikita Kolesnikov warned: “Be careful on the roads, you can experience hydroplaning and slip on them.”

And Anton Starozhilov joked: “It’s a party for the birds.”

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