Firefighters Rescue Five-Year-Old Boy Trapped In Washing Machine

This is the spin-spational moment firefighters save a five-year-old boy after he crawled into a washing machine and got trapped inside.

Phone footage shows firefighters painstakingly pulling the youngster out of the machine at the family home in Kazan, in southwestern Russia, on 11th September.

Local media reports that the boy had decided to see if he could fit inside the machine’s drum.

But once he was in, he could not get out and cried frantically for help.

In the footage, the frightened boy howls as a firefighter patiently manoeuvres his trapped legs to get him free, telling him: “You can do this.”

Rescuers take out a boy, 5, stuck inside a washing machine in Kazan, Russia on Monday, Sep. 11, 2023. The boy screamed and asked to stop pulling him out because he was afraid to break his leg. (@mchstatarstan/Newsflash )

As one rescuer manipulates his legs, another pulls back the rubber door seal to give him more room.

Finally, the boy slides out of the machine and sits on the firefighter’s lap, telling everyone he wants to go to bed.

Paramedics told the boy’s parents he was shocked but not otherwise injured.

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