Husband Jailed For 24 Hour Torture Session In Remote Cottage

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A brutal husband who kidnapped his estranged pregnant wife at gunpoint and tortured her so mercilessly she lost her baby has been jailed for eight years.

Infuencer Aleksandra Polynova was snatched off the street by her ex and kept prisoner for 24 hours while he beat her as a punishment for divorcing him.

Accused Dmitry Trapeznikov, then 39, had kept her locked in a cottage near Yekaterinburg, southern Russia, in July 2021,

Prosecutors said he had chosen the property because it was so remote nobody would be able to hear her screams.

Verkh-Isetsky District Court was shown evidence photos where Aleksandra’s eyes was so badly bruised she looked like she was wearing dark glasses.

Prosecutors told the court she had suffered severe bruising over her head, arms and body and suffered a brain contusion from the beating.

Medics said the beating had caused her to miscarry her baby while she was being held hostage.

Aleksandra was only saved when her worried mother called police and told them she thought her husband might have abducted her, reports local media.

Aleksandra Polynova was almost beaten to death while pregnant by her husband Dmitry Trapeznikov because she filed for divorce in Yekaterinburg, Russia. (Newsflash)

After tracking her down by her mobile phone police went to the cottage and demanded to see Aleksandra.

Her husband, said prosecutors, tried to force her to wear sunglasses to hide her bruises and tell the officers she was alright.

But, believing that she was going to be beaten to death, she begged police officers for help.

After his arrest police found two loaded pistols in Trapeznikov’s Toyota Camray car and rolls of banknotes.

In a haunting video posted by Aleksandra from her hospital bed she shared the agony of her beating with her followers.

She said: “Hello, I have just had a blood transfusion. At the moment I’m in a bad situation at the hospital.

“I wouldn’t want anyone to go through what I have had to go through.”

Aleksandra Polynova, pictured with her husband Dmitry Trapeznikov, was almost beaten to death while pregnant by her husband because she filed for divorce in Yekaterinburg, Russia. (@aleksandrapolynova/Newsflash)

The court heard how manicurist Aleksandra walked out of the marriage two months before she was abducted because of Trapeznikov’s explosive temper.

Police told the court that Trapeznikov had previous convictions for drug trafficking, fraud and drink driving.

Trapeznikov, who pled not guilty, was sentenced to eight years hard labour behind bars in a high-security penal colony and fined RUB 40,000 (GBP 333).

It remains unclear if Trapeznikov will try to appeal the verdict, announced on 13th September.

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