Pervert Filmed Talking To Schoolgirls With Jeans Undone By Vigilante Women

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A man caught hiding in a car park with two young girls while his trousers were undone has been seized by police in Russia.

Horrified women filmed the sick encounter as they were passing by a car park, near a school in the Yuzhny settlement, in Russia’s Krasnodar Territory, on 3rd September.

Footage of the showdown shows the suspect – not named in local media – untying a supermarket carrier bag from a line on a tree as he talks to the two girls.

Almost hidden in a corner of overgrown shrubs and trees, the furtive-looking suspect looks desperate to get away once he has been spotted.

As he turns around to face his challengers, it is clear that the flies to his jeans have been unzipped while he talked to the primary school-age girls.

Photo shows a man in Krasnodar, Russia, undated. The man was allegedly a migrant who claimed the two minor girls were his daughters. (CEN)

The women can be heard saying in the footage: “Girls, are you all right? What are you doing here? Who is this man, why is he standing with you?”

They can then be heard asking the man: “Why are you holding the girl by the waist?”

At first, he tries to pass himself off as the dad of one of the girls but when the mums press him, he flees.

Local media reported that the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Krasnodar Territory said the suspect was later detained by police, who are investigating,

The press service for the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Krasnodar Territory said: “A video filmed by local residents began to circulate on social media.

“Currently, the material is registered and is being checked.

“The man was arrested, the circumstances of the incident are being established. Based on the results, a legal decision will be made.”

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