Doctors Remove Magnetic Fish From Stomach Of Boy, 4

Doctors successfully extracted a magnetic toy fish from the stomach of a 4-year-old boy after he swallowed it.

Photo shows a magnetic fish toy that was swallowed by a child in Ufa, Russia, undated. The fish was removed by doctors. (@minzdrav_02/Newsflash)

The magnetic fish, which can be seen in one of the images, was removed from the unnamed boy’s stomach at the Ufa emergency hospital in the city of Ufa, in the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia, recently.

The boy’s unnamed parents reportedly rushed him to the emergency hospital after he swallowed the magnetic toy fish while playing with it.

They reportedly arrived at the hospital an hour after the incident.

After the doctor conducted an X-ray, the resulting X-ray image can be seen in one of the images, showing the fish in the boy’s abdomen.

The doctors proceeded to extract the magnetic fish toy, as shown in another image.

Photo shows the x-ray image of a child who swallowed a magnetic fish toy in Ufa, Russia, undated. The fish was removed by doctors. (@minzdrav_02/Newsflash)

The Ufa Emergency Hospital paediatric surgery department, said in a statement: “X-ray examination of the abdominal organs revealed the presence of a foreign body in the stomach.

“The child was hospitalized in the pediatric surgery department, where urgent diagnostic fibro-oesophagogastroduodenoscopy was performed under anaesthesia, and the foreign body was successfully extracted.”

The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Bashkortostan said: “Thanks to the timely removal of the toy, the development of possible complications, such as perforations, which could have required surgical intervention, was prevented.”

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