Fare Dodger Hurls Himself Through Bus Window

This is the shattering moment a fare dodger tries to flee a ticket inspector by leaping out of a window but gets trapped in the frame bringing it down around him.

The passenger had been riding the Upper Volga Transport bus in Tver, western Russia, without paying the RUB 30 (GBP 0.25) fare on 26th August.

But when inspectors made a sudden spot check, he apparently decided to make a run for it rather than face a RUB-2,500 (GBP-20) fine.

But bus CCTV footage shows that by the time he made his move, the doors had already closed.

As the inspectors get closer he suddenly jumps up and tries to hop through an open window.

However, as he squeezes through he gets caught in the window frame and brings it crashing down on top of him as he hits the pavement.

A man escapes from a ticket controller through the window of a bus in Tver, Russia, Aug. 26, 2023. He fell to the ground together with the window. (CEN)

Despite seeming injured, he quickly gets up and runs away from the bus as the inspector watches on.

In the end, the stowaway passenger was unable to avoid the fine after police tracked him down.

He also had to pay for the damage he caused.

The bus company told local media: “We regard this incident as an act of vandalism and plan to approach law enforcement agencies and the court to hold the perpetrator accountable and seek compensation for the losses caused to the carrier due to the incident.”

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