Randy Goat And Mate Gatecrash Children’s Therapy Centre

This is the moment a horny billy goat buts in at a children’s therapy centre in the throes of passion with his mate.

The randy pair – pursued by an optimistic second male – burst in through the front door of the speech centre in Butovo, a suburb of the Russian capital Moscow.

In CCTV security footage – later shared online – they are seen locked in the middle of their session as they barged into the lobby.

Two workers at the centre slam a door to keep them out of the rest of the school.

Mating goats break into a kindergarten in Moscow, Russia, undated. Employees in the kindergarten were shocked to see the goats. (Newsflash)

Then one of the staff tries to drive them off armed only with a clipboard but the goats seem only to have time for kidding around.

Eventually, both workers see the funny side of the bizarre invasion and burst out laughing before the footage ends.

The goats are said to belong to a 76-year-old neighbour who keeps them in his house and lets them roam free in the harden to graze.

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