Amazing Encounter As Brown Bear Is Handfed Candy

This is the bizarre moment when a huge brown bear shows it is just one big sweetie at heart as laps up candies from a wildlife fan.

The baffling encounter happened when two pals took a cabin for a weekend in the village of Sobolevo in Russia’s Kamchatka province.

And when they spotted a bear scavenging on their porch they decided to feed it instead of driving it off.

In astonishing footage one of the pair is shown gobbling down sweets as they are popped into its mouth by one of the men.

With its mouth dripping with drool the bear clearly has a sweet tooth as it gobbles down candy after candy as fast as they can be unwrapped.

Then – when the sweets run out – it gobbles down a raw egg while the men laugh as the footage runs out.

A man feeds a brown bear with sweets in Kamchatka, Russia, undated. The bear showed no aggression toward the man and acted friendly. (CEN)

But wildlife experts condemned the stunt as extremely dangerous.

They say scrounging bears can be extremely unpredictable and violent when the food runs outs and could attack.

And, they told local media, feeding bears encourages them to approach other less willing people in the future.

Horrific encounters with starving bears have led to hunters and fishermen being torn apart by the massive beasts during encounters in eastern Russia.

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