Groom-To-Be Held In Custody For Five Days After He Popped The Question On Moscow Underground

A groom-to-be and his fiancee have been arrested and charged with hooliganism after he proposed to her in a metro station in Russia.

What was supposed to be a lucky day turned into a nightmare for Evgeniy Gritskov from Russia’s capital Moskow after he was placed in custody when he proposed to his girlfriend Anna Mishukova.

Evgeniy had set up a banquet table at the VDNKh metro station’s lobby and popped the question as his friends recorded the moment Anna said ‘yes’ on Tuesday, 7th November.

The happy couple shared the video on their social media platforms but were shocked when law enforcement officers arrived at their workplace the next day.

Evgeniy and Anna were then requested to write explanatory notes and asked to report to the police station later that evening.

The groom-to-be said: “This is a terrible case. It was even offensive that this happened after the proposal on the underground.

Photo shows Yevgeny Gritskov and his girlfriend to whom he proposed at a metro station in Moscow, Russia, undated. He was allegedly detained following the incident. (@zhenka_gritskov/Newsflash)

“We said that there was no alcohol, everything happened normally and civilly.

“[The police officers] left and told us to come to the station in the evening. But we didn’t go.”

The next day when the couple went to work, they were arrested by cops and charged with petty hooliganism for disturbing the peace.

Evgeniy said: “They said that we were disrupting passenger flow on the platform.

“They tried to handcuff me, I was in shock. I told them that I wouldn’t run away anywhere. They tried to take my phone away and brought us to the police station.

Yevgeny Gritskov proposes to his girlfriend at a metro station in Moscow, Russia, undated. He was allegedly detained following the incident. (@zhenka_gritskov/Newsflash)

“We waited for days for the trial. As a result, my girl was fined RUB 1,000 [GBP 9], and I was put in custody for five days.

“They immediately took me to the isolation ward. There was no food or anything there. And then they took us to Sakharovo [jail].”

Evgeniy said he was not planning to file a complaint after he was released.

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