Gave Them Salt Water While He ‘Flogged Meds On Black Market’

A cancer department head accused of selling desperately ill patients’ drugs on the black market has been seized by police in Russia.

Suspect Oleg Tyukalov is said to have swapped the drugs with a saline solution which he ordered nurses to give to patients.

Police believe he sold the real drugs on the medical black market and kept the profits.

Shocking police video footage of the arrest shows Tyuakalov being led away from the central district hospital of the city of Semyonov in Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Russia on 5th September, in handcuffs.

The medic is walked past two lines of patients still wearing his white doctor’s coat.

Picture shows Oleg Tyukalov, Head of Oncology Department in central hospital in Semyonov, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Russia, undated. He allegedly ordered to inject saline to patients and real medicines were sold on the black market. (CEN)

Tyukalov, head of the oncology department, apparently told nurses to give people saline after determining that they had no chance of survival.

He claimed that he wanted to save the medication for people who had a chance.

Oleg Tyukalov was from a family of doctors and worked in oncology for nearly 25 years after becoming a doctor some 33 years ago.

The investigation is ongoing.

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