Son’s GBP 2,000 Shopping Spree With Mother’s Credit Card

This is the moment a young son is about to get busted for using his mum’s credit card to go on a GBP 2,000 online shopping spree.

Behind-the-scenes footage from a package sorting office shows a knee-deep pile of boxes crammed with toys, computer games and clothes ordered in a single session.

One of the postal workers in Makhachkala, in Dagestan, southern Russia, can be heard saying: “Look, one child ordered all this, and the parents don’t know!

“Don’t give the children a phone!”

Then she added: “The poor mother.”

The first the boy’s parents knew of the spree was when they received a request on 3rd October to collect the mountain of parcels.

Local media says the spree was only possible because the mum had saved her credit card details with the Amazon-style online shopping platform Wildberries.

The family, not named in reports, say they plan to return all the parcels, said to be worth RUB 250,000 (GBP 2,063).

But even then it will be a costly lesson as they will reportedly have to pay RUB 38,000 (GBP 314) in return charges.

According to reports, the boy’s mum was able to see the funny side and put it all down to her son being resourceful.

Wildberries, founded by Tatyana Bakalchuk in 2004, is Russia’s largest online retailer, operating in multiple countries and serving millions of daily orders.

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