Infant Abandoned While Mother Took Break

A mother who left her nine-month-old son to starve to death while she went on holiday has been seized by police in Russia.

The boy’s corpse was found by his horrified grandmother when she went to her daughter’s home in Volgograd, in south-western Russia, on 7th August.

The baby’s father is a soldier with the Russian army fighting as part of the invasion of Ukraine.

Police said the baby was abandoned on 3rd August and his 24-year-old mother, who has not been named did not return for five days.

The mother, now charged with murder, told the police that she had been “exhausted” and needed a break.

In a chilling recorded confession, the mother says she fed her baby and then deliberately left him to die.

Photo shows a 24-year-old woman from Volgograd, Russia, being questioned by police, undated. She is arrested for being suspected of killing her son. (Investigative Committee of Russia/Newsflah)

She can be heard telling the police in the footage (in Russian): “I went on holiday. Well, I fed him one last time. And that’s all.”

An investigator asks her: “For what purpose did you do it?”

And she replies: “For the purpose of murder.”

The investigator then asks her: “For the purpose of killing who?”

She then replies: “A child.”

The young woman reportedly has two other children, with the police saying: “The issue of seizing two young children from the suspect and depriving her of parental rights was initiated before the guardianship authorities.”

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