Young Woman, 27, Weighs Just 22kg After Starving Herself Half To Death For Controlling Hubby

These images show a 27-year-old woman who weighs just 22 kilogrammes after starving herself half to death for her controlling husband.

Yana Bobrova, from Belgorod, in south-western Russia, is 1.61 metres (5.2 feet) tall and weighs just 22 kilogrammes (3.46 stone) after losing over half her weight because she was unhappy with how she looks.

Her husband, not named, even encouraged her, saying that she had plump cheeks, according to reports.

Yana appeared on the Russian NTV show ‘Beyond the Border’, a socio-political talk show about people whose lives have been divided into ‘before’ and ‘after’ and who now exist beyond the boundaries of common understanding.

She was brought onto the show by Maria Kokhno, the star of the Russian reality TV show ‘DOMA-2’ (‘House-2’), who herself struggled with anorexia.

The pretty blonde now helps others struggling with the disease.

Yana told the shocked audience: “I can no longer do everything that I could do before. I can just about wash the dishes and take care of myself properly: I can still go to the toilet, take a bath… I can walk, I can go to the hospital, I can leave the house, cook dinner for the family.”

But then Yana said about her diet: “I can eat cookies, tea, water, candy, a piece of cheese, half a glass of broth.”

She reportedly sought medical attention, but doctors were at a loss as to what to do because of her catastrophically low weight, saying they could not help her.

She said it all started when she went to university. She said: “While still a university student, I just wanted to lose weight. I weighed 50-51 kilogrammes [7.87-8.03 stone]. I was planning on dropping it a little. Relatives said: it’s not necessary, they say, you are already beautiful.”

But she did not listen, adding: “I started exercising intensely, swimming, fitness, training. Then she gradually began to limit herself in food – salads without mayonnaise, sausage was replaced with chicken breast, without oil, steamed. Then I limited portions.

“At first, my weight was 45 [kilogrammes; 7.08 stone], I thought that it was not so hard, you can lose more weight.”

Yana said that her husband, who had witnessed her dramatic changes, did not sound the alarm.

Yana said that on the contrary, at the beginning of her illness, he told her what plump cheeks she had.

Then the man reportedly limited her social circle and forced her to quit her job.

Yana said: “My husband, when support was needed, did not provide it.

“I didn’t notice how quickly it happened. He said ‘I can’t’ and gave the ring back and said that was it.

“I was left alone, although I left everything for him, but in the end … I understand that I myself am to blame for all this, I do not blame either my husband or my parents.

“I myself have come to this.”

The experts were shocked, with nutritious Marina Makisha saying: “The body is eating itself. It ate all the muscles, the skin.”

And plastic surgeon Olga Ovanesova said: “I am afraid that it is difficult to lie down because we see the skin dries out. If there is no fat layer, bedsores may begin, and in this state, it will be impossible to recover from these bedsores. The destruction of the organism is underway.”

Yana was immediately taken to hospital from the studio and is currently in the care of doctors.

She has now reportedly begun receiving treatment in Nizhny Novgorod and is receiving psychotherapy counselling, according to reports, which stated that at one point – it is unclear if this was before or after appearing on ‘Beyond the Border’ – Yana’s weight even dropped to a terrifying 17 kilogrammes (2.67 stone).

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