Stunt Daredevil’s Terrifying Roof Jump Car Crash Using Lada

This is the moment a stunt influencer comes a terrifying cropper as he plunges 60 feet to the ground trying to leap from one rooftop to another – in a Lada.

The shocking fall came in Karmadon, North Ossetia, Russia, when online daredevil Evgeny Chebotarev attempted the jump for his online followers.

Footage shows Evgeny revving up a clapped-out Soviet-era Lada Niva as he tears down one ramp and then up another speeding towards the edge of the building.

The car was supposed to sail over a 25-foot gap and land on the roof of a four-storey building next door.

Instead, Evgeny slams head-first into the side of the building and falls to the ground, with bits of broken car flying everywhere.

Astonishingly, he manages to push out a window and climbs out of the wreckage running towards his support team.

Photo shows Russian stunt man Evgeny Chebotarev, undated. He almost died during a stunt in North Ossetia, Russia, Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2023. (@chebotarev_evgeny/CEN)

Later footage from the car’s passenger compartment shows every part of the dashboard, seats, and steering wheel has been crushed.

Remarkably, Evgeny took to Instagram on 29th August to tell his 609,000 followers: “I almost didn’t survive. Heading to the hospital. You know, I won’t stop.”

Russian media said the 32-year-old sustained “multiple injuries” in the accident without giving further information.

The stunt addict has previously landed himself in hospital with spinal injuries after he launched a car over a river and crashed heavily on the other side two years ago.

Last year, he almost had his head knocked off by a pipe as he jumped at speed from a car roof over another car on stilts.

One netizen commented on his latest stunt-gone-wrong: “Bro wakes up in the morning like he has 10 lives.

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