Angry Girl Gamer Rips Out Monitor And Smashes It On Floor After Losing At DOTA 2

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This is the moment a furious girl gamer rips the monitor off the desk and drags it into the reception area at an Internet café where she then smashes it on the floor.

The video of the incident which has gone viral, reportedly happened in the Russian capital Moscow when the girl was playing DOTA2, the sequel to Defence of the Ancients which was first released in 2013.

It involves two teams of five players but clearly, the girl felt that things had not gone as planned as she battled with her other teammates.

After staring at the screen after apparently being eliminated, she smashes her fists on the keyboard and then suddenly grabs the monitor and rips it violently from the table.

She then marches out with the monitor in her hands before smashing it onto the floor into little pieces in front of the astonished receptionist at the IZIPLAY cafe.

Girl gamer grabs the monitor to smash it to pieces in a computer club IZIPLAY in Moscow, Russia, undated. Allegedly she got angry playing Dota 2. (CEN)

Not content with the act of vandalism, she then proceeds to stamp on the pieces to the astonishment of other people in the reception area.

After the footage went viral online, the Internet shop said that the girl had caused RUB 25,000 (GBP 205) of damage and had already settled most of it with a promise to pay the rest later.

They also said that she had been given a ban from going in again unless she goes to a psychiatrist and gets a certificate that shows she is safe and it will not happen again.

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